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Helping Young Children for Learning Since 1944

After 78 years of educating a conservative estimate of 7,000+ young children, Little Theatre School finished its final class year in June 2022 and is no longer in operation. We pride ourselves in being the best first school experience and hope our imprints make a difference in developing a love of learning and boost future academic success in our young students. Our deepest gratitude to our alumni, faculty, families, friends and the Northshore communities particularly the City of Lynn. 

Our teachers are ardent believers that quality early education shapes healthy habits and attitude of learning, both are critical to children’s academic and life success in future years. We also believe that young children are natural and eager learners, ready to absorb new skills, knowledge and experiences.

At Little Theatre School, we strive to provide our students with the most wonderful and positive first school experience that will lead to a lifelong love for learning. Our teachers inspire curiosity, wonder and joy in your child’s approach to learning. Our small class size (7-11) and low student:teacher ratio (6:1) allow us to tend to individual learning needs.


Quality early education can boost children's in future years.

Early Education Suitable for Your Child

Little Theatre School is a private preschool that offers Nursery (2 years 9 months - 4 years), Prekindergarten (4-5 years), to Kindergarten (5 years or assessed ready), a complete curriculum that prepares your child for the challenges of First Grade and beyond.  Our programs are developmentally appropriate and are designed to focus on the foundation social/academic skills necessary to succeed in each age group. Read the details of each program and we will work with you to determine the best path forward for your child.


(2 years 9 months – 4 years old)

First school experience defines children’s attitude toward learning. For children as young as 2 years 9 months, we make transitioning from home care to formal schooling loving and fun. A big attraction from young friends is our large natural setting playground and charming schoolhouse. Plus, no other preschool has an antique merry-go-round (currently raising funds to restore). When your young child asks “Is today a school day?”, you know we have instilled in them the love of school. Our Nursery curriculum is designed to develop foundation skills in self-reliance, social interaction and academic basics.


(4 – 5 years old)

Your child is one year away from Kindergarten. You know s/he must learn certain basics in order to enter Kindergarten confidently. You think about academics as well as etiquette to behave in school and with friends. Our Pre-K curriculum is designed to develop the “whole” child. We focus on self-confidence, critical thinking, and knowledge in all of STEAM learning domains. Through facilitated learning, our students are prepared socially and academically for Kindergarten.


(5 years old or assessed ready)

Kindergarten could be the most challenging transition year. Unlike college bound, your child is only 5 years old. Our small Kindergarten class of 5 to 10 students gives your child time and space to find their own voice and become their own advocate. We celebrate diversity and tend to individual learning needs to set them up for success. Our Kindergarten program has a strong literacy and math focus, in addition to a weekly 45-minute music program where self-expression and public performance are encouraged. You will see a transformation in your child’s confidence, ready to take on the challenges of elementary schools.

Why Choose Little Theatre School

Little Theatre School is licensed by the Department of Early Education and Care (EEC). We have been educating young children in the North Shore area for almost 75 years and are highly regarded by Kindergarten and First Grade teachers in nearby public and private schools. Private School Review reports Little Theatre School as the top private preschool within 5 miles of 01904 in 2020!  Our graduates are known for being well-rounded confident individuals with a good balance in the areas of academics, social competence, arts and life skills. With students of 2nd and 3rd generations of alumni families, Little Theatre School carries a deep sense of trust and loyalty from families whose lives we have touched.

At Little Theatre School, each class enjoys a weekly 30 or 45 minutes music program, taught by a classically trained musician. Using music as a teaching tool, students learn about music theory, rhythmic patterns and expressive movements, all to develop listening, following instructions, math, literacy, self-expression and motor skills. In addition, children are exposed to a variety of genres, composers, artists, and instruments. They also act out beloved nursery rhymes and drama plays, both of which, promote creativity and performance confidence.

  • Small Class Size

    Your child is enrolled into a class of 7-11 friends who stay together for the year. The consistency is an ideal environment to young learners. It fosters friendship and allows the classroom teacher to know each child and their learning needs.

Small Class Size

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  • Low Student : Teacher Ratio

    Our unmatched 6:1 student-to-teacher ratio means there is always a teacher nearby to teach academics, self-reliance, sharing, cooperation and critical thinking.

Low Student:Teacher Ratio

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  • Natural, Home Like Setting

    Our charming school house gives a home-like feel that is inviting to first time preschoolers. Our Free-Choice Room is a big draw for daily fun activities. Take a look at our large natural playground and antique carousel, and your child will be sold!

Natural, Home-Like Setting

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Do you want to give the for your children? Join our family, and let your child become a student at Little Theatre School.

Best First School Ever! Ask Any Families.

Our teachers strive to live our mission everyday – to provide the most wonderful and positive first school experience that will lead to a lifelong love for learning. Our alumni and current families will attest to the idea that Little Theatre School is the best first school ever! Private School Review names Little Theatre School the top private school within 10 miles of 01904 in 2022!

Ask any relatives or guardians of our current or alumni students for their experience with Little Theatre School. Look at the cities and towns our students live in the last 3 years. We are worth a travel.

  • Lynn
  • Danvers
  • Beverly
  • Lynnfield
  • Salem
  • Topsfield
  • Swampscott
  • Nahant
  • Georgetown
  • Peabody
  • Revere
  • North Reading

“We cannot say enough about the exceptional care and education that our daughter receives at Little Theatre School. This school caters to the social, emotional, and academic growth of all its students. The staff and owner are empathic, creative, and always up-to-date on the latest innovations in teaching and learning. The children are exposed to arts and humanities—helping them to become well-rounded individuals. Our daughter loves going to school and wakes up excited on school days. Simply a wonderful place to learn and grow!”

A Happy Parent

"The Little Theatre School has been an outstanding first school experience for our little one and our family. The faculty is great. Caring, welcoming, understanding, warm-hearted, patient, and kind are just some of the words that come to mind when I think of the teachers and staff. Our little one of course learned her ABC’s and 123s, but she also learned about being herself, gained some independence, and learned how to be a good friend. The Little Theatre School has introduced her to music through their wonderful program and teacher, and has also exposed her to reading, science, math, culture and history in fun and exciting ways.

Thank you Little Theatre School!"


“Little Theatre School is a fantastic school. The director is a very smart, driven woman who works hard to ensure all of the teachers, staff, children, and families are happy. My daughter loves going here, and I would recommend them to anyone looking for preschool or kindergarten.”

Bridget C.

November 2017

“My daughter loves going each day. She has grown and developed so much in such a short time due to her great teachers. She comes home each day with her artwork and shares new songs that she learned. You can truly see the love and care that the teachers have for the students. I am a helicopter parent that just hovers over my kids to make sure they are safe, and I feel 100% secure when I drop off my daughter each morning. This is supposed to be just a review, but it is truly a blessing to have them in our lives.”

Sean C.

January 2018

“Best kindergarten and nursery in the North Shore. Little Theatre School is the best thing I have done for my daughter. She has been going there for two years. The teachers are exceptional and caring to each and every child. I was very nervous at first, sending my daughter because she was very young—2.9 years old—and I was not sure if she was ready. However, after only a week of going there, I had to increase her hours because she could not get enough of it and would cry when I picked her up. She has also grown tremendously. She has been writing her name since she was only 2 years and 11 months old, and that’s fully. Next year will be her third year of going there, and she will be in the kindergarten five days a week, and her sister will be entering the nursery. I recommend this school to any parent who wants his/her children to excel in school and/or social life. I did not have to send my daughter since she was young, and I was a stay-at-home mom. However, she asked to go to school, and I knew she needed to be around kids a couple of times a week.”



“The wonderful people at Little Theatre School have taught my children so much. It is truly amazing at how much they have been able to teach them while having so much fun. Every day, they are super excited to go to school and see their teacher and friends. I would highly recommend this school to anyone.”

Christine P.

October 2016

“Thank you for giving my daughter the best first school experience this year! She loved every day. She was always so excited every morning when we headed out the door to go to school. It was a tough decision to send my daughter to school for the first time in a pandemic. It was easier than I thought to leave her with you and the rest of the staff. I trusted the school and took comfort in handing her off to you each morning! Tough decision... but the BEST decision!”

June 2021

“What a year it has been! Thank you so much for navigating and excelling under such stressful circumstances. The year feels normal despite it being anything of the sort. My younger one cannot wait to come back next year, and the transformation I have seen in my older child over the last 3 years at Little Theatre School has been amazing. She is set for success in First Grade. Thank you for steering the very unsteady ship this year! ”

June 2021

“We cannot express to you how thankful we are for all the extra love and attention the school has provided to our son. We are thrilled with even the smallest strides he has made so far this year. He could not have done it without you and the teachers' support.”

December 2020

“My grandson loves Little Theatre School. He has attended preschool and kindergarten for the last three years, and my family and I couldn't be happier with his education here. Little Theatre School teaches not only academics, such as reading and mathematics, but also life lessons, family relationships, and personal hygiene. They celebrate and support the diverse cultures of our community; they cultivate the arts and music. They are a wonderful group of educators who truly care about the children.”


“This is the most wonderful first school in the entire area. All of the teachers and Miss Winn are exceptional, kind, loving teachers. I would highly recommend this school to absolutely everyone. The great curriculum and support that this school gives the students is beyond amazing. We love Little Theatre School and all of the teachers. Thank you, Little Theatre School. WE LOVE YOU!”


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